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You will write a two page double-spaced paper (MLA format) regarding a sales tax. Look for an article from a credible source, ie. Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Associated Press, Forbes Magazine, the Economist, the New Yorker, Academic Journal (EBSCO, JSTOR, Wilson’s Web) etc.

You can extend your search from an increase in sale tax at the city level (Pico Rivera), to a comparison of sales taxes across different countries, such as U.S. and Canada. Please find an article that you are interested in and want to learn more about.

After choosing an article, analyze the following:

-What is the article about?

-How does this article relate to our class?

-What is/are the significance of the issue(s) economically?

-What are the arguments for and against the issues when it comes to economic policy?

-How will the issue affect the economy ten to twenty years from now?

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