ece497 week 4 discussion 1 RESPONSE b.d.

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Respond to at least two of your peers by providing them with two strategies or ideas (utilizing parent friendly language) that they could provide to parents of children in their care that would promote a secure attachment. 150 words or more.

Yes, when I looked at the above picture I do feel like I’m looking at a child that feels secure with their caregiver

  • Discuss how this video either correlates with or argues against your views on what it means to have a secure attachment. Provide your rationale as to why you feel this way. The video I do believe correlates with my views on what it means to have a secure attachment. My beliefs are that a secure attachment is an emotional bond between a child and their parent or caregiver. When an infant or young children have a strong affectionate relationship with people within their lives, it creates in them feelings of happiness, joy, acceptance, love during interactions so they are comfortable with that person during times of stress and illness etc.
  • How does this video specifically correlate with Bowlby’s theory on development? Bowlby, believed that an early bond between child and caregiver affects the child throughout their adulthood. He viewed attachment as a product of evolutionary processes stating that” children are born with an innate rick to form attachment with those who care for them” (Bowlby) The video expresses that there are several ways a parent can optimize their relationship with the child, because very small changes in one’s parenting can affect a child’s security. As a parent, you can first be sensitive, respond to your infants need for affection, scaffold the child and protect them from thing (situations) that stress them out that is hard for them to handle or inappropriate, learn to balance your own needs and know when to recharge yourselves and keep a positive relationship between you and your partner.
  • State how each of the factors that affect attachment security (in chapter 10 of your text) directly impacts your future work with children. The factors that affect attachment security or early availability of constant caregiver, quality of caregiver, the baby’s characteristics and family contacts, including parents, internal working models. Infants also know at the premature stage of child development is when the infant is most venerable at their weakest and most completely dependent on others for protection, food and survival. How these factors come relevant in my career as an infant /toddler teacher early availability of constant caregiving is important to avoid attachment injuries which leads to personality disorders, a child/infant needs to know that you will be there and that they can trust you. Quality of caregiving as an infant /toddler teacher I want to provide my children/babies the care that will foster their growth and development while stimulating emotional support that is necessary for them to be healthy, to show affection, sensitive and loving and responsiveness to their growth, development and survival. Babies characteristics as an infant/ toddler teacher I believe is important for me to understand baby’s characteristics such as sensory threshold which includes the level of stimulation the baby needs to elude a response, their activity level such as their motors activity during a wakefulness, distractibility meaning how easily the child or baby is engaged or distracted etc. Lastly including parents, the relationship of the parents such as failed marriages, stressful jobs, financial struggles can directly impact the child by exposing them to anger, getting them off routines (Finger et al; 2009; Ralloes & Thompson, 2005) and parents international working model uses positive past experiences to bond their established relations with their baby.
  • Lastly, review research on emotional self-regulation on page 408 of your text. How do the caregiving experiences of securely attached infants promote the development of emotional self-regulation? Infants that have a positive secure attachment through experiences and interactions with their caregivers/parents are able to emotionally self-regulate in an appropriate way.

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