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Respond by providing feedback or friendly guidance to extend their thinking. 5 sentences.

Identify and describe three roles that a parent of a child who has a disability might fulfill that are unlike the roles typically associated with parenting.

The first MAJOR role a parent of a disabled child fulfills is being their child’s voice. As a parent of a disabled child, you know them better than anyone else. So they usually have to constantly fight for their children to get the help they need. Many parents have to fight with their disabled childrens doctors to get proper care and treatment.

Another thing a parent with a disabled child does, is spend countless hours at different therapies, doctors appointments, and different team meetings. These kids may need multiple hours a week of therapies, and the parent needs to be there. Whether you have a non disabled child to take care of as well, you need to be there to take them to therapies. Depending on the disability, there are numerous doctors appointments involved, and possibly even medical procedures to be done.

Lastly, when it comes to their childs education, it is not as simple as putting them on a bus and sending them off. Parents will have to go through multiple different assessments of their child to insure proper placements. They will have IEP meetings, to assure that the childs necessities and accommodations are being met. These meetings happen yearly, and sometimes need to have multiple a year to make amendments to them.

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