Does beginning antiretroviral treatments in patients within 3 months of HIV infections result in longer survival?

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Powerpoint topic: Does beginning antiretroviral treatment of patients within 3 months of HIV

infection result in longer survival?

The final project is intended to illustrate your understanding of principles in

conducting HIV epidemiologic research. Each group is assigned a research topic

and must design a prospective study to address that topic. The proposed study

may be a or a prospective cohort. There is no budget ceiling, but

your proposed study should be feasible to conduct.

The following are important items to consider as you design your study, and

should be addressed in your presentation:

  1. What is(are) your hypothesis(es)

Beginning ART early, within 3 months of HIV infection, will result in longer survival.

  1. What are the exclusion and inclusion criteria for your study?

Inclusion: HIV+, previously ART naive,



  1. How will you get your study participants?

ATL, SF, NYC, CHI, MIA → MSM (Trans women?)

Work with ID/HIV med providers to recommend participants, community level

engagement, go to community events like Pride to increase awareness, recruit

like B6 ? Age matched population

Dx w new HIV incident infection past 90 days

For cohorts –

How will you sample? Why?

PLWH who have recently begun ART – followed in two strata

Lab data on infxn.

  1. How will you capture the exposure?

Prescriptions for ART, Viral load blood tests

  1. How will you capture the outcome?

Time to death analysis

  1. How will you conduct follow-up for the study?

Clinician office visits for ART Rx refills;

  1. What biases are you concerned about in your study and how will these biases

potentially affect your study results?

Adherence to ART

  1. Do you have any ethical concerns about your study? if so, how will you mitigate them?

We’re giving all participants standard of care Tx

Keep in mind there is no perfect study, no perfect trial, no perfect research article. What you need

to consider (and be sure to show us that you considered these) are the limitations of your

proposed study and how these limitations may affect your study’s results.

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