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Robert Yin and Robert Stake are two major voices in the field of qualitative research, but they also have differing philosophical orientations. Yin’s work, with its post-positivist perspective, has been most commonly represented, with Stake’s constructivist approach less so. Many of the design decisions you make will be determined by the philosophical orientation—post-positivist or constructivist—you employ for your Doctoral Study. See if your philosophical orientation is more aligned with Yin or Stake, or perhaps a combination of both.

To prepare for this Discussion, review this week’s Required Readings that include the different perspectives of Yin and Stake and consider which one is most appropriate to your work as an independent scholar and doctoral researcher.

By Day 3

Post an assessment of the alignment between professional and academic worldviews within your doctoral research. In your assessment, do the following:

  • Describe whether your perspective as a qualitative doctoral researcher more closely aligns with either Yin or Stake’s worldview. Be sure to include illustrative examples of this alignment.
  • Explain your rationale for your choice, including providing at least one scholarly resource to support your rationale.

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources.

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