Discussion – The Road Wrap-Up and Reflection

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Writing Circle Guidelines and Instructions

Individual Response

Complete your Individual Response using the prompt given below. Your IR should be written in a separate document then cut/pasted into a new thread on the discussion board. Be sure your IR follows these guidelines:

  • Will focus on the specific prompt provided below
  • Will be a minimum of 200 words in length to be considered “acceptable”
  • “Superior/Exceptional” responses will go above and beyond in detail, clarity, complexity, and thoughtfulness
  • Will directly reference the reading(s)/lecture(s) (use at least one citation from each source)
  • Will include proper MLA citation and Works Cited listing at the end

Writing Circle Prompt

Individual Response

After completing the assigned pages from the assigned novel, consider the following questions to write about in your response:

In the interview video clip, McCarthy discusses with Oprah how he believes the subconscious is an entity that informs and guides us. Applying this idea to the novel, what connections can you make between the man’s subconscious and the beast in the man’s dreams in the opening pages of the book? What do you think the beast represents? (cite the text and discuss specific details of the scene)


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