Discussion: Integration of Social Marketing and Success

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Read the Five Marketing Lessons from Old Spice
article, which discusses Old Spice’s relaunch of its brand in a 2010
campaign starring Isaiah Mustafa. It also had a huge social media and
internet component that engaged consumers to interact with the “Old
Spice man” through contests, blogs, and messaging. Sales rose 55%. This
is one example of how a brand makeover can be successful.

Your task is to find a campaign that followed a similar path. What
steps do you think were most effective in reaching the target audience?
How did the company integrate these strategies into marketing campaigns
to create a cohesive marketing strategy?

Note: To complete this initial post, it may be
helpful to analyze the advertisers of a large event such as the Super
Bowl, the Oscars, the World Series, or the Country Music Awards.

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