Discussion Board Question A : Process Improvement Tools. Discussion Board Question B : Beneficial Team Behaviors

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Discussion Question: A

  1. Explain the similarities and differences between Lean and Six Sigma. 
  2. Would you like to see both in your organization (or for an organization that you are familiar with)? Explain.                    Discussion Question B.   
    1.  Refer to the ground rules listed in Critical Concept 7.1 in the Healthcare Quality Management etext.   
    2.Explain which of the ground rules are most important for a team to adopt, and please explain why
    3.When choosing rules, consider your past experiences working with a team or a decision making group.

    fifth meetingI n t r o d u c t i o n t o H e a l t h c a r e   Q u a l ie m e n t1 8 4
    Improvement Team Ground Rules!
    • Participate by sharing your own opinions and experiences.
    • Contribute but do not dominate.
    • Actively listen to and consider the opinions of others.
    • Stay focused on the improvement goal.
    • Avoid side conversations.
    • Respect other people’s time (e.g., arrive on time, do not leave early, return from
    breaks promptly).
    • Complete assignments to which you have committed.
    • Speak one at a time.
    • Leave rank at the door; all team members are equal.
    • Address conflict by dealing with the issue, not the person.
    • Turn off cell phones and other mobile devices.
    • Be a participant, not a lurker.
    • Have fun, but not at the expense of someone else’s feelings.
    • Be physically and mentally present during meetings.
    • Listen, listen, listen, and respond.
    • Allow for some mistakes; acknowledge them, let go, and move on.
    • Accept conflict and its resolution as necessary catalysts for learning.
    • Be open-minded to new thoughts and different behaviors.
    • Honor confidentiality.
    • Accept diversity as a gift.
    • Begin and end all meetings on time.
    • Share in the responsibilities of the recorder.

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