Discussion 6.1: Communities and Permission-Based Contacts

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Many companies and brands are successfully leading existing communities. Take Patagonia, for instance, purposefully nurturing a community of outdoor lovers through the funding and support of grassroots activism and the championing of environmental campaigns. Or LEGO, engaging all LEGO enthusiasts out there via initiatives such as LEGO Ideas, where members can submit ideas for new LEGO sets—projects can get approved for production and make it to store shelves, like the now sold-out Beatles Yellow Submarine set!

In this week’s discussion, we’re going to look more closely at communities.

  1. Identify two existing communities, preferably music focused (but others are okay!), and share how specific companies are nurturing these communities.
  2. When finished with your response, review at least two responses from classmates and provide feedback on their answers.
  3. In addition, sign up to two email lists of your choosing and share which ones you’ve joined below; later this week, we’ll ask you to report back on how the companies have (or have not) nurtured you as a member of their community.

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