Design and Methodology Plan

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During this unit, you will develop your research methodology: qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method and project design: action research, case study, phenomenology, comparative, descriptive, correlational, or quasi-experimental. In the plan you will also describe the instruments you will utilize in your study.

  • You have already determined your topic, created your introduction, stated your problem, determined your purpose, and written the significance of the study. Your literature review has provided insight into similar research, how the studies were conducted, and their results.
  • Use all this information, plus the knowledge gained from your textbook reading and literature on research design, to write a description of your proposed project design.
  • Provide support citation for your choice of design. You may use your textbook, or you may select another source.
  • Describe why the design you selected is appropriate for your proposed study.
  • Create or determine the instruments you will use to conduct your research.
  • Contact your instructor for individual assistance.

A detailed template and rubric are provided to guide you to success.

I will uploaded instructor’s feedback on previous sections wtihin 24 hours of winning bid. Any other feedback from professor on work not yet graded will also be provided closer to the due date of this assignment as it is awaiting feedback.

Please let me know if you will need copies of text book as I can also provide that. I have attached the powerpoints for this week’s chapters.

APA Reference is as follows:

Creswell, J. (2015). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research. (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson

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