Deliverable 3: Business report

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At this stage of your project, you should have done some research and performed an analysis and
assessment of your organization’s external and internal operating environments. For this
assignment, you need to relate your analysis of the organization to the unutilized opportunities or
specific challenges related to knowledge management or utilization of
information/knowledge/competence resources, and provide solutions that will help in improving
the performance of the organization.

All assignments must;
o Be submitted as a “.doc”, “.docx”, or a “.pdf” to be accepted.
o Be single-spaced, and pages must be numbered.
o Use 12-point font in either Arial or Times New Roman.
o Use 1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all 4 sides of the page.
o Have a cover page including your first and last names, official Dal email, your
TA’s name, assignment title, and due date of the assignment.


The report should include the following:
1. Executive Summary (about half a page) (For information on how to write an executive
summary go to
2. Introduction (include a description of the project topic, the importance of the topic and
which aspects of the topic you are going to write about; a description of the structure of
the report, i.e., you should explain how you have structured your report which aspects
you are going to deal first, second and so on)
3. Main body of the report
 A brief description of the organization, summarizing the organizational external and
internal analysis you provided in deliverable
 An analysis of how the organization currently manages knowledge and/or utilizes
information/knowledge/competence resources.
 Identification and presentation of the unutilized opportunities or specific challenges
related to knowledge management and/or utilization of
information/knowledge/competence resources.

 Discussion and analysis of your research into knowledge management or utilization
of information/knowledge/competence resources.
 Recommendations of solutions that will help in improving the performance of the
organization (providing justification from your research and identifying risks /
strengths of your suggestions).
4. Conclusion (briefly summarize the main results of the project report in three or four short
sentences. Then, you should give your point of view. Try to explain why some authors
are wrong or right and what you think about the topic, but you have to base your own
opinion on reasonable arguments. The conclusion should be no longer than 1 page).
5. Reference list (Correctly cite sources (APA 6th ed. format)).
6. Appendix (if needed) (information that supports your analysis but is not essential to its
7. Length: approx. 5-6 pages, single-spaced (excluding appendices and references)

IMPORTANT NOTE: relevant research and statistics to back up your assessment of the
organization and your recommended solutions, including current trends and industry best
practices must be included throughout the main body of your report. Remember, your
recommendations are only as good as the evidence that you present to back them up. If you
simply state your opinion without references to support it, you will definitely lose marks.
 The assignments are to be submitted through Brightspace, at or before 11:59 pm Atlantic
time, on the specified due date.
 A penalty for late assignments will be assessed, unless prior permission has been given
by the instructor to submit an assignment late, which normally will be for extended
illness, medical, or family emergencies only.
 Late submissions will be assessed a penalty of five percent per day, including weekends.
Assignments will not normally be accepted seven days or more after the due date; in such
cases the student will receive a grade of zero. Time management should be considered a
 You must also check your assignments after attaching them – attaching the wrong file is
the equivalent of not submitting the assignment. No leeway is given for computer
failures, internet problems, ill-tempered pets, and so on.
 Proper grammar and spelling are strongly considered in the evaluation of every
assignment. If your assignment is not readable, this will negatively affect your grade.
 All material not originating with you must be cited. This applies to direct quotes,
paraphrases, and inspiration (basing your own writing on someone else’s ideas). Research
cited in your work is to come from verifiable and legitimate sources only. All papers
will be examined using Urkund for Academic Integrity. You may examine your
Urkund report prior to submitting the paper.
 The required citation style for this course is the American Psychological Association
Publication (APA) Manual (sixth ed. 2010).

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