Debit ratio

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This is part of a group assignment. The only bullets that have to be done are the ones that say (Ricky )Next to them. I need at least 146 word analysis on the one bullet

Just a reminder of who’s doing what for week 3’s assignment is on: Harley Davidson Corporation

Calculate and analyze the following ratios for your selected company for the last two years from the SEC Form 10-K:

Compare and contrast your company’s ratios to industry and competitor standard ratios obtained from Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, MotleyFool, Macroaxis or other Internet sources, and provide a detailed answer and analysis as to why your company’s ratios are different than the industry/competitor standard, and

Cite the source of the industry/competitor ratio information.

  • Current Ratio – Julie
  • Inventory Turnover – Julie
  • Debt Ratio – Ricky
  • Time Interest Earned-Socorro
  • Gross Profit Margin- Nicole
  • Equity Multiplier – Megan
  • Return on Assets – Megan
  • Net Profit Margin – Lena
  • Return on Equity (Use three ratio DuPont method) – Lena

If everyone can have their portions of week 3’s assignment, in a minimum of 146 words, please don’t include your citations, in this count.

Should you have any questions: Please...use the text thread Nicole started last Sunday; which is a good avenue to communicate any new developments or in this chat thread.

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