Data Standardization

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2 Parts-Worksheet and 1 page narrative with references

Grading Rubric Must be Followed


For this assessment, you are a senior data analyst with Vila Health. A friend who teaches health information management courses at a local university has asked to you present information on standards development organizations (SDOs) to a health information management student group.

As part of your presentation, you will give students two handouts.

Handout Number One

The first handout will include a table with information on at least three standards development organizations (SDOs). Please use the attached document to complete all of the following in your table:

  • Describe each SDO’s purpose.
  • List the type of standards developed by the SDO.
  • Describe the data to which the standard applies.
  • Explain why these data standards are important in interpreting health care data.
  • Describe how the standards can be used to standardize data for quality-improvement initiatives.
  • Provide for each SDO an example of using data standardization in a quality improvement initiative.
  • List the type of data points and classification that may apply to the SDO, based on the description of the data to which the standard applies. For example: The National Council for Prescription and Drug Programs would likely set standards for the data point of medications. You may choose from these data points:
    • Identification number.
    • Name.
    • Address.
    • Telephone number.
    • Date of birth.
    • Gender.
    • Height.
    • Weight.
    • Admission date.
    • Diagnoses.
    • Medications.
    • Medication dosage.
    • Medication frequency.
Handout Number Two

You second handout will consist of a one-page narrative that summarizes your findings about standards development organizations.


Visit the following websites to prepare for this assessment on data standards organizations. Once you have browsed the listed sites, choose at least three organizations to describe in detail in your assessment.


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