Data Mining: Milestone 3

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Attached is a rubric of milestone 3. Provide a description of the use of the data mining technique against the sample survey data. In that description, include an explanation of the applicability of each technique toward solving the business problem, results generated by the technique, applicability of those results to the problem, and potential limitations of the method with regard to solving the business problem. Please submit in format of APA. I have made the linear and logistics regressions and attached them also. Must have JMP Pro software. I can’t upload jmp file here, so log on to and file is ‘DAT-220 final project.’


Password: bbge1192

What is expected:

    • A question is formulated
      • Must be phrased in a manner in which the question can be solved – in our case increasing web spending
    • Resource evaluation
      • Gaining understanding of the data available to answer the above question – list of 500 observations
    • Question is reformulated
      • Based on data evaluation, initial question might need to be restated to align the question with the data supplied
    • Data description
      • Deeper understanding of data – numeric, nominal, ordinal, distribution, standardization etc.
    • Analysis
      • Regression, PCA, Cluster analysis etc.
    • Results reviewed
      • Interpret your analysis and clearly state your conclusions and basis for it
    • Conclusions drawn
      • State what decisions can be taken on the population to achieve the desired outcome

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