Current events

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Choose and analyze a current event article that has legal and ethical implications within a healthcare setting. Propose an alternative solution to the problem(s) by constructing effective problem-solving strategies. Identify the steps that would be taken to make a policy or change in law at the state or federal level?    

  •  The current event article can be obtained through the Internet; however, the article must come from a respected news source (blogs, wikis, encyclopedias, public health sites, for example, will not be accepted).
  •  The required length should be 4 pages (not including title page, abstract, and references page).
  •  Follow APA guidelines. This should include proper formatting of in-text citations and resources listed on the references page.
  • Include an additional minimum of 2-3 outside resources, of which three sources must be peer-reviewed sources obtained through the library database.

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