Create an Outline Based on a Document

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Create a practice outline that is based on a library article that is provided. In this assignment, read the provided article and create an outline of it.

For this assignment, follow a traditional outline format using the information below as a guide:

General Information on Outlines:

    • Outlines can be as detailed as you want them to be.
      Start out with vague ideas, and as you research your topic, you
      can fill in the holes. Make the outline more detailed as you get
      closer to the writing of your project.
    • The sentences you use in an outline don’t have to be
      complete sentences. They can be short ideas, words, statistical
      data (that have been cited).
    • Use headings (see below) to help you get an idea of what your paper will look like as a final product.
    • You must have two main ideas for each point

Example of an Outline Format:

  • Purpose Statement: Why are you writing this paper? What
    is the goal your paper? What are you hoping to do with your
    research? Why do you care and why should your audience care?
  • Problem: List out specifics of the problem
    • Main idea
    • Main idea
  • Original and Creative Solution to the Problem:
    • Main idea
    • Main idea
  • Conclusion: Where you wrap it all up and re-iterate your
    Purpose Statement and Original and Creative Solution how you
    proved it.

For this assignment, you will need to read one of the provided
articles and fill in the blank of the outline format that has been
provided to you. You are looking for main ideas or thoughts that the
author is trying to convey to you. Below you will find a link to an
article. Read it and develop an outline based on the main points in the
article. While reading the article, locate and write down the main
ideas and secondary ideas.

Meyer, E. (2014). Navigating the Cultural Minefield. Harvard Business Review, 92(5), 119-123. Link to article

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