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Visitation or Interview Report

(100 points)

The objective of this assignment is to learn more about one of your future goals. You will conduct an interview that will provide information on whatever area you will identify in the CFA project. This can be a person of interest in the new career you are seeking, an employee in the position you are seeking for a future promotion, a professor in the graduate area you are interested in, or a career counselor at the graduate school level. I am very flexible with your choice of interviewees, but it must relate to your goals. I will be happy to discuss your choice at any time. (Goals: Owning own business, retiring around the age of 45-48, make some of the best sports clothing line that there ever was)


Include the following information in your report. Do not include in your report the descriptive information listed in italics-the italics on these guidelines are informational only.

Use headers as indicated below in bold

Introduction [15 points]

State the goal directly from your autobiography that is the basis for this interview. Why did you select this particular person to interview? How is he/she related to your goal? What was the process, to include the timeline, you went through to finalize this interview (phone calls, emails…etc)?

Contact [5 points] – section must be COMPLETE or assignment will not be reviewed.

The name of the interviewee, title, address, position within the school/business, and phone number of the person you visit or interview. The time the interview began and ended. Was the interview audio recorded (recommended) or not. Any other interesting details.

Interview [35 points]

The interview should last between 45-50 minutes. In this section, write the question then the answer the interviewee suppliedthen the next question and answer and continue this until the last question has been answered in your report.

Personal Reaction [25 points]

Your personal reaction is a large portion of this assignment. Be sure to thoroughly, but succinctly, express your overall thoughts. Reflect on your visit/interview experience. What did you learn? What is your opinion of the person interviewed? Did you obtain the information you were seeking? Are you more/less interested in this area now that the interview is over? Any other information you would like to provide.

FORMAT [20 points]:

Your name in upper left corner. No cover sheet. Double-spaced in 12-point type with 1” margins on all sides. As stated above, in the Interview section, write the question and answer until the last question has been answered. Use headings (10 points) for each section as indicated above. Use report style: short sentences, brief descriptions, bullets or tables to report data, etc.


Your assignment will be evaluated on completeness of information, followed directions, organization of report elements, grammar, and spelling.

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