Continue to write an essay ( I have already finished several pgs)

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HI, Please continue writing this essay up to 7pgs, I have already finished some of it. I uploaded the prompt, sources, and the original essay. Please in the words similar to me.


Please use “” of everything you quote from outside sources, otherwise it is plagiarism.

Please take the 2 quotes (in yellow highlight) away and put some other quotes instead.

Please use 8 quotes from each source that I provide. (so 8 quotes total)

Those are some outline of the essay:

paragraph: introduction with thesis statement about how vampires through the years have evolved from being the most feared to becoming a figure most teenagers seek after.

paragraph: supporting facts about the first known vampires and how they were feared by society. Through different myths and stories vampires were depicted as scary monsters who sucked blood. Dracula and other lores have all mentioned about vampires.

paragraph: second supporting evidence. With the coming of ages, vampires slowly became more of an entertainment figure than someone to be feared of. Halloween would be a popular occasion where people would dress up as Dracula or resemble the likeness of a vampires with noticeable features such as the front fangs abs dark circles.

paragraph: last supporting evidence that discusses about modern day attitude towards vampires. Instead of being the most feared it is now considered as a popular character authors and directors enjoy adding into their story line. The Twilight series and movies have rocketed to stardom with fan crazed teenagers obsessing over vampires for the past decade.


paragraph: wrapping up with summary of all main points and ending with thesis. Vampires have been revolutionized with the passage of time from being one of the most feared monsters to a figure that have earned a mass gathering of hardcore fans who practically worship vampires.

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