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Develop a Rationale for the Implementation of an Electronic Document or Record Management System

In the first part of your project report, provide a profile for the organization (which you have done in the project proposal).

In the second part of your project report, prepare a business case which includes a rationale for why an electronic document and records management system would benefit the organization. You may use any of the EDRM software listed in Assignment 2 (or any other software that you can obtain legal rights to use) as a sample system when discussing the following questions. Include in your rationale for the project the following pieces of information:

  • Business opportunity describing the motivation for the project including a definition, a statement of scope, and a discussion of objectives that the project will help the organization achieve.
  • What problems the electronic system would resolve including the storage of information, filing issues, and reproduction issues;
  • Discuss Document Conversion Strategy
  • How records would be uniquely identified;
  • How the security of the information will be handled;
  • How personally identifiable information will be kept private;
  • How users will access the system including wireless connections;
  • How users will be able to search for records; and
  • Benefits and costs of the recommended solution (qualitative and quantitative) You can use projected figures in your benefit-cost analysis.
  • Other factors that you feel relevant

Length requirement: no shorter than 5 pages (Single space, 12-point font size. Excluding the cover page and the bibliography)

Citation: APA format

Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:


Outstanding (5)

Above Average (4)



Below Average


Missing (1)

Delineation of rationale factors

At least two additional factors were used with all the listed factors

One additional factor was used with all the listed factors.

All the existing factors were listed.

Not all the existing factors were listed.

Description of rationale

Excellent description of rationales including five or more sentences for each

Well written description of the rationales including effective screenshots

Adequate description of rationale: good text and at least one screenshot

No detailed rationales or poorly written descriptions

Well written discussion, grammar and spelling

Persuasive and well written document in a memo format, error free

Good discussion in your own words, error do not interfere with meaning

Discussed with one or more quotations from sources and few errors

Poorly written or mainly quotations from listed sources with errors

Uses a variety of sources of information

Cited more than five diverse and relevant sources

Cited four or five diverse and relevant sources

Cited two or threesources relevant to the assignment

Little or no use of relevant sources

Provides analysis

Insightful, specific, new understanding of the topic

general examination and assessment

Summarize various opinions with little analysis

Little or no analysis


Stated clearly

is stated


not stated


Late submission NOT ACCEPTED!

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