compose a nine-paragraph essay about the old man and the sea

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For this assignment, you’ll get some practice explaining and responding to critical points from three critical reviews.
To do so, compose a nine-paragraph essay that introduces and responds to three critical reviews of Hemingway’s
The Old Man and the Sea.

As always, begin with some history and background—this time about the book The Old Man and the Sea. Give a
little history about the book, then briefly summarize its plot. After that, transition toward a thesis statement that
closes your introduction, one that comments on both a) the critics’ general view of the book and b) your response to

In the body of your essay, provide two paragraphs for each of the three critical reviews. In each case, introduce the
critic and quote their claim, then provide evidence from the book to support that claim. That’s the first paragraph.
In the second paragraph, lay out your position in response to the critic, then provide evidence from the book to
support your claim. Summarize, paraphrase and quote correctly. Blend short quotes into your general summary of
the example. Avoid floating quotes. Keep your verb tense consistent throughout the body paragraphs. Cite

To begin your conclusion, restate your thesis. Then provide a transition from that restated thesis to a discussion of
the future—a future that somehow relates to the book.

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