Compare and contrast the “typical 1950’s” housewife to that of today, sociology homework help

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In a 1-2 page paper, compare and contrast the “typical” housewife of the 1950’s to that of today. Include discussion of how the roles, responsibilities, and expectations have changed and how this relates to an individual’s chronosystem. Cite at least one source and at least 2 references in APA format.

The chronosystem is the last level of the ecological systems theory. It encompasses the patterns of environmental events and sociohistorical conditions of a person’s life. It can be thought of in terms of time and historical events that occurred throughout history. For example, consider how the chronosystem might look to an African American in 1960 as opposed to today. The times a person lives in has great impact on not only their own behavior but also their relationships and networks.

Social Change

The impact society has on individual behavior can be quite profound without being visible. Over time, changes occur within a society that lead to changes in how things are done, how people interact, and how individuals behave. The changes can be subtle or apparent and are often related to groups of people wanting to improve their current situations.

Collective efforts to make change in a society are called social movements. Depending on the type of change needed and how it is approached, a social movement can question traditional values and norms of a society as well as cause significant unrest. Regardless of the change, the conditions of an individual’s life are typically affected.

In Human Services the professional needs to understand possible reasons why the times and conditions are changing, whom the change is affecting, and how to frame the life event into terms an individual can understand. This is done by examining the role of culture and social norms within a person’s life and helping them to perceive change as a positive opportunity. It is helpful to point out how sociohistorical conditions have historically changed the culture of America and what this can potentially mean to an individual.

As the face of society changes, the faces of social justice and injustice change as well. Human Services professionals should recognize the role of the chronosystem in an individual’s relationships, behavior patterns, and cognitive abilities and acknowledge this as another important part of a person’s ecosystem

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