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Communication Essay Project

This paper invites you to explore a communication topic in some detail. Pick a general topic from the following list. Through research the focus of the general topic should be narrowed to cover specific communication concerns in detail.

General Topic List:

  • Communication Models
  • Listening
  • Verbal Communication
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Group Communication
  • Gender Communication
  • Effect of Culture on Communication
  • Effect of Perception on Communication
  • Communication Styles
  • Communication and Ethics

Essay requirements:

  • The body of the paper will be a minimum of 5 pages and formatted using APA style guidelines.
  • The assignment requires a minimum of four (4) high quality sources
    • All must be found through the ECPI Library’s holdings (both physical holdings such as books, magazines, and newspapers, as well as the resources found through the on-line library’s resources)
    • Your text book may be used as an additional (5) resource
  • This assignment will be submitted as a Turn-It-In assignment with a target similarity score of less than 25%. (Please note that this is merely a target intended to provide a guideline; the nature of the similarity is more important than the percentage.)
  • This assignment will have a two-part submission process:

Assignment Part 1” is where you submit your draft for review prior to your final submission.

Assignment Part 2” is where you submit the final draft of your paper after revisions are completed.

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