classical mythology lab questions

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East vs. West – The Myths That Mystify <- first lab link

1. According to the story of Ganesha, explain the difference between “the world” and “my world”.

2. What is culture and how does Pattanaik explain that “my world” is always better than “your world”?

3. Explain how Alexander and the gymnosophist each came to have differing viewpoints.

4. Discuss how mythology and culture influences the way different people conduct business.

5. Explain the differences between the East and West in regard to music.

6. Why does Pattanaik say that that a clash between cultures is inevitable given the reality of what India is today?

7. As the Chief Belief Officer, Pattanaik developed a ritual for his company’s leaders. Explain the ritual and what it is meant to teach new leaders.

Exploring the World’s Creation Myths <- second lab link

1. Explain what supporters of intelligent design believe. How do the beliefs of scientists differ?

2. Discuss the role myths play in culture.

3. In what way was the Mesopotamia myth female-centered?

4. What extraordinary role does Leeming think we can play in the universe?

time limit is not my estimation of how long it will take, but rather how long I have before I need to turn it in. thanks.

I’m assuming a good chunk of these could eb found online, not sure

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