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– The Tavani reading supplemented by Bentham, O’Neill, Smith, and lecture examples provides a framework to make sense of moral claims and assess the validity of moral arguments. Drawing from this work, answer the following questions. What kinds of moral issues are faced by people occupying a public role (civil engineer, government administrator, politician)? What different evaluative criteria are at stake in, for example, deciding to use costbenefit-analysis versus a human-rights approach (just an example, we considered varieties of consequentialist, deontological, and virtue theories) in deciding on an action that affects the public? Be sure to clearly specify the views you are entertaining, the evaluative criteria at stake, and the reasoning behind favoring one over another The use of either real-world or imaginary examples is highly recommended, provided they accurately illustrate the concepts at hand (be sure to make clear why they do)

-Please use files attached and include Work Cited.

-MLA Format, 4 pages(not including the work cited page). Thus 5 pages total.

-Must be done by 11/3

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