Challenging Diet Culture Discussion

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1) Read the new academic article on Brightspace under Content > Challenging Diet Culture > Eating Disorder Recovery and Instagram

2) In 200-250 words, discuss the relationship between one point made in the article with information from the Mental Health & Emotions lecture and/or the Challenging Diet Culture lecture (i.e. you’ll probably discuss two things total). In other words, choose one piece of information from the Eating Disorder article that either relates to or somehow confirms or contradicts something in the lecture material. Provide in-text references in a known citation style for all course material.

3) In 200-250 words, reflect on your own relationship to health and wellness where social media is concerned, again referencing the Mental Health & Emotions lecture and/or Challenging Diet Culture lecture (even if your answer is that you never think much about it or that you do not have social media—there is nothing wrong with that, just find a way to explain it in the context of the course). Be sure to cite course material for reference.

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