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Please use the template for this project: Professional Development Paln Template Spring 2018.docx.

Candidates are expected to work with others in their group to develop a plan consisting of the following sections. The rubric for evaluation is listed on Canvas. The corresponding department rubric is in the Course Resources. Please be sure to use the Professional Development Plan template provided.

Introduction (30 points)

Explain the district demographics, issues, and/or problem that your plan is attempting to solve.

Goal(s) and Evidence of Compliance

Identify 3-5 School Improvement Goals clearly and empirically so that evidence of compliance can be easily attained and reported. Identify how you will show evidence of compliance and what data-based measures you will utilize.

Development of the Plan: Parts 1-3

Identify the strategies and activities utilized to develop the plan for all three components being sure to address all student activities with a professional development and parental involvement component. Please note than more than one student strategy or activity can be address by a single professional development activity and/or parent involvement strategy. Please simply note by the of a number or letter which correspond. Please remember to answer all narrative parts briefly, but completely.


Include a short summary of the anticipated results and success of this plan and how the results of this plan will be utilized for future continuous and sustainable improvement in your school. Describe what you have learned from this project that can be applied to a future administrative position. Reflect upon how your project relates to at least one of the themes of the College of Education: 1) Understanding Students, 2) Serving the Community, or 3) Finding Our Professional Selves.

Formatting and Conventions

When APA Edition 6 applies, please be sure to use it accurately.(Please use two resource for each strategy)

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