Business Presentations and childcare class question

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Business Presentations two different assignment don’t put them togther

400 words describe how you would build rapport with your audience in a business presentation. What motivational strategies have you used in the past that were successful or what strategies have you seen speakers use that were effective? Use at least one resource to support your key points.

Adult’s Role in Supporting Language and Literacy Development

this is childcare question about kids

Research tells us that a key component to future interest in reading and literacy is reading books daily with children. We also know that providing examples of language for children through reading, asking open-ended questions and modeling vocabulary can support oral language development.

Watch this video of a child who is reading a story with his teacher in front of a small group of children.

Reading Spiderman

Share what you observed the teacher did to support the child. If you were the teacher, what would you do to support this child? Share your observations on this child’s level of speech and language development for his age?

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