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White Paper Outline • A white paper focused on a vertical market. • The audience of the report is a company within a vertical market. Try to discover who or what that market would require in the “solution” you are presenting. Remember that this is a white paper, not a proposal, so no pricing. 1st section: Outlining the issue/problem or opportunity. While doing this, name the audience. 2nd section: Identify the benefits/outcomes of the adoption of the solution/change. 3rd section: Provide proofs or evidence that the benefits will result from the solution/change. 4th section: Address any perceived problems or shortcomings to the solution by downplaying the effects of those issues and refocus on benefits. 5th section: Call to action, and provide contact info. Provide 1 visual per 2 pages of text. Place visuals near the data or ideas that are being represented. Make sure that the visual is appropriate for the purpose and audience of the white paper.

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