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Budget Allocations

Prepare: Prior to completing this discussion, read “Right on the Money: How to Keep the Doors of Your Nonprofit Organization Open in Good Times and Bad.”

Reflect: You may wish to review the following resources to help support you in your discussion.

  • Joplin Tornado
  • ResCare: Residential Services – (Displaced persons of special needs after tornado disaster) Requesting $60,000
  • Big Brothers – Big Sisters
    – (Children coping with the disaster with P.T.S.D. Training of
    volunteers in working with children and P.T.S.D.) Requesting $30,000
  • Children’s Center
    (A not-for-profit organization providing a safe, child friendly
    setting for the investigation of child abuse in Southwest Missouri
    wishing to start a family counseling program.) Requesting 30,000
  • Joplin NALA
    – (Mission of fostering and strengthening literacy skills enabling
    learners to reach their full potential. We accomplish our mission by
    recruiting and tutoring adults who need help in reading, math, and/or
    English as a second language) Requesting $30,000
  • The Alliance of SWMO – (Parenting training program in the child abuse prevention program.) Requesting $35,000
  • Spiva Center for the Arts – (Develop and implement children’s summer art program.) Requesting $35,000
  • Joplin South Little League – (Support players from low income families and those displaced from the tornado) Requesting $30,000
  • Ozark Center Crisis Services – (Support for suicide prevention hot line for the elderly.) Requesting 40,000

Write: Human Services and care are provided in many
formats. You have been asked to serve on the Board of Directors of the
Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri INC. After you have started
with the Board you are placed on the grant allocation subcommittee.
Your committee is charged with the distribution of grants and with a
focus on Joplin Mo. Joplin, as noted above, was devastated by a tornado
in May 0f 2011. The community is still recovering and over stressed
human service programs still work hard to provide services. Your
organization received a donation from The Duke Endowment
( for a total of $170,000. Your organization
must distribute the money throughout the community. The foundation
received over 30 applications but narrowed this to eight applicants
listed in the Reflection section along with the amounts requested.
There is $290,000 applied for in regard to this money. Each member of
your subcommittee has been asked to submit who they would like to
recommend the money go to and how much they would receive. It is
suggested that only five applicants receive money.

*In this discussion
of 350 words present the five organizations that will receive money and
to what amount. In the discussion utilize these prompts:

  • Identify who you have chosen and how much will they receive.
  • Explain the criteria you used to select them and the amount.
  • Describe the requirements you used in selecting the five applicants.
  • Explain if your selected programs met all your requirements.
  • Reflect on your HHS ethics and values and how these influenced your choices.

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