Brand Management, Brand Communication

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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help you create and maintain a brand image that appropriately reflects your small business.

Assignment Steps

Write a 1,050 to 1400 word paper in which you address the following:

  • Answer the following questions: FOODTRUCK
    • What makes your product or service unique?
    • What is your market niche?
    • How would you describe your company?
    • How strong will your presence be on social media? Which platforms will you use? Why?
  • Outline the perception that you want consumers to have about your brand when they first see it, and explain your reasoning.
  • State the top three specific challenges to your business (based on Chapter 11 in your textbook and the readings on challenges to brand identity.)
  • Describe how you plan on meeting and exceeding potential challenges to the creation of a good brand for your business.
  • Explain how your closest competitor’s brands are similar or different.
  • Evaluate how effective your brand is against your competitor’s brands through an analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Part 2

There are many ways to share your ad whether in print, in person, on the Internet, through networking, or on-the-air.

In an effort to get to know your market and community, you recently attended a networking function in your geographic area and bumped into a radio producer that features small businesses on a local AM channel. His show focuses on new and upcoming businesses in the area.

This generous radio producer has given you a free-of-charge opportunity with a short, radio commercial to discuss your company brand and what it means to your customers.

Assignment Steps

Create a 60-second branding radio commercial using ONE of the following:

  • an audio recording
  • a written (in MS Word) radio script.

Include the following in your commercial:

  • The name of your small business. (CHEAP EATS)
  • Your company’s product(s) or service(s). (A FOODTRUCK)
  • Your brand and what it means to you. EVERYTHING
  • What you want your niche market to see and feel when the market is exposed to your brand.

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