Based on Reading articles – Discussion at least 200 words

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Discussion Topic: How is cultural diversity related to demographic diversity? How does global culture affect domestic culture? Give examples from your readings that support and justify your analysis.

Read the following articles:

From Manager’s Bookshelf

  • Reading 2: Big Winners and Big Losers, Alfred A. Marcus, summarized by Allen Harmon 71
  • Reading 3: How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins, summarized by Tanya Pietz 78
  • Reading 2: Responsible Restructuring, Wayne F. Cascio, summarized by Stephen Rubenfeld 90
  • Reading 1: Coming to a New Awareness of Organizational Culture, Edgar H. Schein 97
  • Reading 1: Positive Leadership, Kim Cameron, summarized by Jodi Nelson 141
  • Reading 2: Bad Leadership, Barbara Kellerman, summarized by Warren Candy 144
  • Reading 3: Power, Jeffrey Pfeffer, summarized by Kristie J. Loescher 148
  • Reading 1: Building the Bridge as You Walk on It, Robert E. Quinn, summarized by Peter Stark 165
  • Reading 2: Super Crunchers, Ian Ayres, summarized by Brian Russell 199
  • Reading 3: Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious, Gerd Gigerenzer, summarized by Rebecca M. C. Boll 205

From Helpful Resources

Murphy, Jerome T. (March, 2006). An interview with Henry Mintzberg. Phi Delta Kappan,

87(7), 527-528.


find articles written 2010 and after that discuss

  • Operations management

cultural and demographic diversity

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