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Topic: Annotated Bibliography

In this Discussion, you are on a very interesting quest to identify research resources for Course Outcomes 1 and 2 for your business case. Visit the Kaplan University library and access the ABI/INFORM (Proquest) research database. Conduct research to identify a minimum of 2 Peer-Reviewed Journal articles related to the Course Outcome 1 and Course Outcome 2 topics from the ABI/INFORM (Proquest) database. The rubric for this Discussion is located under Course Home, Grading Rubrics.

  • Research Article 1: MT490-1: Evaluate information management, planning, and control in business environments.
  • Research Article 2: MT490-2: Analyze organizational processes and procedures in a variety of business settings.

For more information on developing an annotated bibliography, go to the Kaplan University Writing Resource Center . Submit the annotated bibliography for your 2 Peer-Reviewed research resources to the Discussion Board to share with your fellow interns. Each annotated bibliography should contain a minimum of 250 words.

***Note: Do not repeat references. The first to post an annotated bibliography for a reference owns the reference. Points will be deducted for repeat resources.

Review the annotated bibliographies of a minimum of two of your fellow interns and identify two research resources that may help you develop the business case. Collaborate on the value of the resources provided by your fellow learners.

Web and Library Searching: What’s the difference?

In this tutorial, you will learn the differences in content and media findable on the Web and through online library databases, and how to consider which tool is best for your research tasks.

Web and Library Searching: Evaluating Resources

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