Asian American Immigration Studies

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Use the attached file as the resources as much as possible to answer the following questions. You may also use the online reference.

I. SHORT ANSWER IDENTIFICATIONS (choose five; 2.5 pages in total)

a) identify each and b) explain their historical significance.

Mughal empire Meiji Restoration

Philip Vera Cruz Grace Lee Boggs

Vasco da Gama Potosi

Scott Act The White Man’s Burden

Wong Kim Ark diaspora

assembly center Hawai’i

Hmong Central Pacific railroad

chattel “Oriental”

manong 14th Amendment

1906 San Francisco Earthquake calico

II. SHORT ESSAY (25%) (1.5 page)

Write an essay relating at least three of the terms you chose in Part I to a specific issue or theme concerning Asian

America: global exploration and exchange; capitalism and labor; race, ethnicity, and culture; nationalism and

citizenship; gender, family, and community; agricultural commercial culture; government policy. In your essay,

address how your examples, issues, or themes represent global or local perspectives – or possibly both.

III. ASIAN AMERICA (50%) (2 pages)

Drawing upon the readings, discussion, and your knowledge of other sources, write an essay synthesizing issues

and themes raised in the class to answer one of the following questions:

A) What position have Asian American migrants occupied in and for the United States historically and how has

that position changed over time, if it has? Please consider politically, economically, and socially.

B) What role have global historical forces and trends played in Asian American history? How have they

influenced ideas about “Asia” and “America” – and who and what are “Asian” and “American” – over time?

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