Arizona State University Theories and Models for Program Planning Paper

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Draft a 2- to 3-page detailed description and analysis of the existing program you have selected.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

II. Frame the Public Health Issue

-A. Describe in detail the public health issue that needs to be addressed. Be sure to include the history of the issue, as well as the evidence that
substantiates your claim that this is a legitimate public health concern.

-B. What policies, programs, or strategies are already in place to address this issue? Be sure to provide specific examples.

-C. How effective do you feel the existing policies, programs, or other strategies you identified are in terms of promoting health or reducing
disparities? Be sure to support your reasoning.

-D. Who are the key stakeholders and target population associated with or impacted by the public health issue? Support your response with

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