answer to this (PSY 496 applied project) discussion

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250 words response

Answer to this discussion: Are the research methods he/she selected appropriate for studying the disorders they chose? Support your opinions with scholarly information and reasoning. What alternative research design could be employed to study the disorders they discussed?

the discussion you should answer it:

“Hello class,

One controversy in the article is Neurodevelopmental Disorders and how individuals with disorders such as dyslexia may not receive the academic accommodations or treatment they should be given. Another issue is the extended age range for the diagnosis of ADHD. The concern is increasing adult drug seeking. The new criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders might decrease findings for individuals with specific levels of severity/functioning. One concern is because DSM-5 is letting go of the Global Assessment of Function (GAF) this assessment is often utilized by professionals for the confirmation of disorders such as PTSD which is more complex than just a few domains about level functioning in the WHODAS. Now the concern that I have is it minimizes the impact of other psychological symptoms and suffering and it will be a decrease in the number of individuals to receive treatment or compensation for trauma-related disorders.

Another controversy in the article “An overview of the DSM-5: Changes, controversy, and implications for psychiatric nursing” are dealing with changes that occurred in Neurodevelopmental disorders, feeding, and eating disorders and sleep-wake disorder. Under the Neurodevelopmental disorders are some of the first disorders that can be detected as early as infancy to adolescence. The first change was the name mental retardation to intellectual development. In my opinion, the term mental retardation is an offensive term to use.

Another controversy Suicidal Behavior Disorder was to be characterized by self-injurious behaviors that would result in death. This diagnosis would be given immediately following an attempt and would remain in place for 2 years, the time of greatest risk for reattempting suicide” (Halter, Rolin-Kenny, Dzurec, 2013, p. 37). Suicidal behavior disorder needs to be taken seriously, diagnosis of such disorder and prevention of further harm could help patients, could also save their life. Naming this disorder will allow a history to be created and it can also be tracked in order to prevent reoccurrence. I think the concerns of labeling an individual suicidal can be harmful and stigmatizing, so a further review is necessary.

Depressive Episodes with Short-Duration Hypomania exhibit dipolar behavior characterized by a hypomanic episode that lasts less than 4 days.

Does one’s environment play a significant role in the onset of an episode?An interview is one research method that could provide information pertaining to the research question. To determine an event, environment and factors that lead up to an episode and tracking over an extensive period will provide what factors should be trying to avoid to limit their episodes.”

PS. the discussion address the following points:

  • What are three controversies discussed in the Halter, Rolin-Kenny, & Dzurec (2013) article? Give your opinions about these controversies. From your point view, are these legitimate concerns? Why or why not?
  • Name a disorder identified as requiring significantly more research and study from the DSM-5 section entitled, “Conditions for Further Study” (Section III of the DSM-5). Construct a research question that is pertinent to the disorder you selected.
  • Briefly outline a research method that could be used to investigate the disorder based on one of the research methods presented in your textbook.

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