Answer 8 short answer questions

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Answer 8 short answer questions in the word document.

1. Pick a major employer in the Detroit metro area. What is that employer’s employment brand? Pros and cons?

The article about how to reduce bias in hiring lists these 3 actions as helpful:

Experiment with the wording of job listings by removing adjectives closely associated with a particular gender.

Ask candidates to take a work sample test — it’s useful in comparing applicants and it’s an effective predictor of future job performance.

Control for your personal feelings about a particular candidate by giving likability a numerical rating.

2.Which of the above do you think would be most effective in reducing bias? Why?

3..What efforts can employers take to hire and retain employees

1) with disabilities?

2) who are older?

3) who are veterans?

4) who are women?

5) who are minorities?

4. Mentoring Programs, Myths about Mentors, Establishing a Relationship with a Mentor.

As you think about your own career aspirations, what from the text reading do you think would be helpful for your career growth and advancement?

5.You are rolling out a sales training curriculum to sales people that have been in their jobs for 1 year. Assume they sell heating and air-conditioning units to schools, retail stores, and other organizations that need to heat and cool large buildings. They have to know a lot about heating, cooling, energy costs, installations as well as be good sales people. There are some very good competitors selling similar goods and services.

What would the benefits of this training be?

6. Your success with the sales training program was so impressive that a regional manager from another division asks you to roll it out in his territory. He is a bit skeptical, however. He asks you how to measure the success of the training based on how much each participant learned about the technical specifications of the products so they can match what they sell to customer needs. How would you suggest measuring that?

7. When you think about your compensation for your current job (or past job or future job if you are not working now) — which of these concepts (pay for performance standard, pay equity, expectancy theory) matters the most to you in terms of feeling fairly paid?

8. Pay secrecy has long been the norm in the US (outside of union and other hourly wage environments). There is movement within the US to move toward more pay transparency. Do you think more transparency is good? Unnecessary? Bad? Please give one reason to support your opinion.

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