Answer 6 music questions in one paragraph of 450 words. Using one source above.

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Answer the following six questions of music in one or two paragraph. Using one source at least. 1.Make an argument about which segment from (British Invasion, American Response, and Psychedelia) you believe contributed the greatest towards rock music.

2. Describe what you consider rock music is and how the segment you choose reflects these values.

3. Choose the artist that you find most significant from the segment and describe why. Make sure to include the artists’ musical influences, describe their music and contributions, and how it fits within the context of that particular period.

4. Choose another artist from one of the other segments that you were most surprised to learn about. Why?

5. Contrast that artist with the one chosen for the first part of the question. Make sure to include a description of their music, influences, and contributions to rock music.

6. In your own words describe what you think is the unifying factor(s) between these two artists (5) & (6) and their contributions to rock music.

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