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choose any three articles about why people leave their country then use this format for each one in separate page :

First paragraph is : citation for the source in MLA format for the article

second paragraph : summarize the article ( This paragraph captures the main idea of the source and the significant details. In it you should discuss the claims the author makes (including type), the use of pathos and logos, and the ethos of the source. It should be approximately 10 sentences long)

third paragraph :is an evaluation of the source and the author’s and publisher’s credibility. Look up the author (try Google author and Google scholar) to find information about education, work, other writing, and so forth. Then determine the credibility of the publisher.

the last paragraph : paragraph is your response to the source. How will you use it in your paper? Remember: even if you are not going to use a source directly in your paper, you can use it in some way to get to better quality sources. Be very specific. Not just, “I will use it for statistics,” or “I will use it for a data base,” but state specifically pages, examples of names, quotations, etc., that you might include. Every piece of information provides you with something for your paper. Where will this author’s place be at the table for the discussion of the various opinions and views related to your topic?

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