Annotated bibliography + analyzation

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Topic = (Winston Churchil speech “We shall fight on the beaches”) (June 04 1940)

Submit step 1 and 2 in separate word.doc files

STEP 1) Create a Chicago-format bibliography for your project. The bibliography should include the four proposed primary sources for the final project. Under each source you must write a few sentences describing the source and explaining how it fits with the other three sources.

STEP 2) You will analyze at least one of your primary sources by addressing each of the questions below. You will write your answer as an essay. You will cite the source using Chicago style format. (See Blackboard for links to format guides.) The source analysis should be 1-2 pages in length.

a. Identify the source.
b. Summarize the source.
c. Who is the intended audience?
d. What is the author’s goal? (What is the main idea or thesis of the source?)
e. Why is the source important? (So what?)

Submission: Hard copy in class. Times New Roman font, 12 point, double spaced, normal or 1 inch margin setting in Microsoft Word, Chicago style footnotes and bibliography, name on the paper, page numbers on each page, stapled together

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