analyze songs in different genre with a specific theme

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Please write the Love theme and analyze following songs:

– Brown Sugar – D’Angelo (R&B)

– Stand by Me – Ben E. King song (R&B, Soul)

– Love story – Taylor Swift (Country music)

– Shape of my love – Sting (Soft Rock/Pop Rock)

– Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens (Acoustic Music)

– Fly me to the moon – Frank Sinatra (Jazz)


  1. Develop a theme for your compilation and come up with a playlist of 7 to 9 songs to include on it. Please make sure at least three different genres of music and five different artists are represented. You may use artists that we have discussed in class, but do not repeat songs that we have discussed. Selections can be popular songs in any language. You may choose some instrumental music but you should limit the number to two or three songs maximum.
  2. Listen to the songs on your playlist and take notes. Try your best to identify the significant stylistic traits of each song. Please use the terminology you learned in this class.Here are some questions you might want to ask:
    How is this song representative of its genre/time period/artist? How do the “means,” in other words elements of music (rhythm, harmony, melody, timbre, vocal style, etc.), work together to create the “effects” of the song? What might the artist be trying to express? How do the lyrics and especially the music of the song tie into the compilation’s theme?
  3. After you have taken notes on each song, organize your ideas into a cohesive set of liner notes. The notes will have three parts plus an addendum for some ontological reflections:
    1. Introduction: discuss the theme.
    2. Songs: provide a short analysis of each song. You will need to discuss all of the songs on the playlist, but you can spend more time on some than others. Although you may discuss the lyrics, make sure you address the music as well. Include song timings so I can follow your analyses easily.
    3. Conclusion: How do these songs relate to each other? What traits do they share? Do they each approach the theme in the same way? If so, what are the commonalities? Do they each approach the theme differently? If so, how?
    4. 150–250-word addendum: How does a digital compilation compare to a CD? Consider its value (e.g. sentimental/gift), its ease/difficulty of creation, its ephemerality/endurance, its shareability. What might be some pros and cons to the overall experience of each?

    Please read and follow MUS Requirement and learn Example first!

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