American Journey Chapter 14

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CHAPTER 14 Assignments/Activities

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES (IA):15 Points. A. 1-3 (5), B (3). C.1-2 (5). E (2)


  1. A.)One American Journey, Letter from Harriet Beecher Stowe, p. 367.
    1. According to our text, what two events moved Stowe to become an abolitionist?
    2. How did her experience at losing her son to cholera in 1849 provide her with motivation to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin?
    3. Review Chapt 12, pp 334-335.Explain the connection women’s rights advocates felt with the Abolitionists movement.
  1. B.)Table 14-1, p. 391. The population comparison is well know.However, there are other significant contrasts between North and South in 1860.Cite the three most glaring contrasts as reflected here.

  1. C.)William Lloyd Garrison, from The Liberator, 1831. Answer questions 1-2.
    1. What are Garrison’s observations regarding public sentiment about slavery in America?
    2. How does Garrison justify his bold stand on slavery and his proposal for immediate abolition?
  1. D.)Overview, The Emerging Sectional Crisis Wilmot Proviso 1846 to LeCompton Consitution 1857. This document is found on our Moodle page with Chapter 14 Assignments. Choose the three most critical issues in the growing sectional crisis.Defend your choices in a paragraph for each.

  1. E.)Map 14-2, p. 381.. Answer briefly, why did Northerners feel the Kansas Nebraska Act betrayed the Missouri Compromise?

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