a final paper / scholarly paper (essay)

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– The topic of the paper is : Information management and information technology in mass casualty incident (MCI) or disaster. (What does the team need? How do you provide redundancies? What role does IT – including social media – play?)

– Paper length should be approximately 3000 words, but substance is more important than volume. Use recent articles from peer-reviewed journals as well as textbooks. Texts are often out of date soon after published. Expect to use no fewer than 10 references.

– I have done the most of the work (2100 words), but I sent it to the writing lab and the Doctor of the course, they both comment on it, so basically you just adjust what did they it needs to be fixed. Note that I have not write the conclusion.

– You just need to write a conclusion, and edit what the lab and the doctor said that it need to be edited. ( everything is being writing on the margins)

– Attached

1- grading rubric for the paper.

2- Example of how the paper should look like

3- writing lab review of what I have done.

4 – Doctor’s review of my work.

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