732 OB final self analysis

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hi . so now i need you to look at my final work . i have merged all the assessment we have done in one folder .

– you well need to do a final self analysis in the last page ( please read the sullybus where is ses: the final coponent of 22 sesment

so look at the attachment ” sara work” you well see how she wrote her personal reflection in her last page .

i want you to do a final self analysis for me in the past page too …

my work is attached ” study pool assessment ” so put the personal reflection you are doing here .

– fix my page follow what its saying in the syllybusyy attached here : read carfully starting from delivirabul#2

– read carfilly the sully buss where it ses ( Each asesemtn shoud ne no more or less….

– read carfilly in the sullybus wher eis ses : follow insturction of 22…… ( make sure you do the page setting right pleaase ) APA …etc

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