4 Paper double spaced 2 page each paper

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Paper 1 Activity: Introduction to Victimology –

500 Words-Read the article, Understanding Theories of Criminal Victimization by Robert Meier and Terance Miethe.

Meier and Miethe go into detail in the second section about the Life-Exposure Theories of Victimization and the Routine Activities Theory.

Choose the theory with which you most agree. Briefly summarize this theory and explain why you picked this theory over the other.

Paper 2 Parental Responsibility Laws

Conduct research and in a 500-word written essay, explain parental responsibility laws. What are some of the main criticisms of these laws? Do you agree or disagree with such laws? Provide a rationale for your view. Support your position with at least one professional source written within the last three to five years.

Paper 3 U.S. juvenile crime statistics 2019 United States

Type the bold text juvenile crime statistics 2019 United States into your favorite search engine (e.g., Google, or some other search engine). Find two professional sites (sometimes different information is available at different sites). Compare the findings you discover on the two sites. Write a 500-word written essay, about your findings.

Paper 4 TSA Effectiveness Assignment

Please read the article in Lesson Two on TSA failures. Upon reading the article, please write a one-page minimum, double spaced response on the failures of the TSA. How can these failures be minimized? What practices can or should be introduced for greater accuracy and safety? Or, should we eliminate the TSA altogether because of this lack of efficacy?

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