4 english questions An Inaugural Address is given by presidents, writing homework help

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u3l3c- An Inaugural Address is given by presidents on their first day in office, January 20 of the year following the November election. The purpose of these speeches is to inform Americans as to how the new president will lead the country. Presidents hope to strike an inspiration tone when delivering this widely listened to speech.

Click here to open and read President’s Nixon’s First Inaugural Address. Share what you notice about Nixon’s word choice and the tone and/or mood of the speech. Then, select one or two excerpts from the speech that illustrate the domestic challenges facing the country and its new president in 1969. Explain how Nixon sought to address that challenge(s) through his policy proposals

.u3l3j- Many of Nixon’s accomplishments are similar to those of Johnson and Kennedy, although they are not completely identical. Complete the attached 3 column Venn diagram where you compare and contrast Nixon and his domestic policies to either Kennedy or Johnson. In the end, you will evaluate which president was more successful domestically and why.

u2l5c -If you were given the opportunity to interview ex-president Nixon and could only ask him three questions, what would your three questions be? Explain why you would ask those three questions.

u2l5j-Write a letter to Congress from President Nixon which identifies the poor choices he made and explain his reasoning for doing them. Also include how you would have changed at least one decision if you had the ability.

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