3 questions answer in 2-3 sentences

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1. Approach the clips you have seen from a social scientific perspective.
What aspects of art therapy would interest a professional in each of the
following fields?

    • Psychology:
    • Sociology:
    • Anthropology:

    2. Use the social science perspective to propose a few explanations as to
    why you might find graffiti in a society. Choose a social science
    principle (norms, roles, institutions, and beliefs and values) and
    describe how these might influence the appearance of graffiti in a
    society. Describe how the appearance of graffiti in a society might
    influence the people living there.


your thought process before taking this course and before adopting a
social science perspective. Through what type of lens would you have
viewed graffiti before taking this course? How would this have
influenced how you thought about graffiti? How do these two reactions
compare? Has your understanding of social science principles changed the
way you perceive graffiti in society? If so, how?

If your perspective on a different issue (other than graffiti) has
changed after adopting the social science perspective, feel free to
write about this issue instead!

next activity uses a rich text area. You can tab to the editor body.
Press ALT-F10 to get to the toolbar. Press ESC to return to the editor
body. A save button is available in the top toolbar all the way to the
right and will become visible when it receives focus.

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