15 questions 150-250 words each (bluebook format) topics legal research and writing/legal ethics

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Legal Ethics

5 questions 250 words or more each in bluebook format

  • What are the three basic ways an attorney/client relationship can commence? Discuss and itemize them while citing specific rules of professional conduct.
  • What are the 8 factors that the Model Code and the Model Rules list in determining reasonableness of attorney’s fees?
  • May an attorney share a client’s information with their non-lawyer employees? Do the model-rules govern this?
  • Are sexual relations with clients permissible for attorneys? Which rules of professional judgement govern this matter?
  • Are law firms allowed to screen non-lawyers who apply from another law firm? Discuss

Legal Research and Writing 10 questions:

150-250 when possible for each question in bluebook format

  • If a senior partner in a law firm asked you to locate a case and he or she did not provide you with the name of the case, but only a few facts concerning the law or the facts of the case, how would you locate such a case?
  • Explain when it is appropriate to cite persuasive authority.
  • What is the difference between mandatory and persuasive authority? Provide examples of each type of authority.
  • What are law reviews and how are they useful or used by attorneys?
  • Describe the parts of a case in detail.
  • Briefly discuss the differences between personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction. Provide examples of each concept.
  • What are the primary sources of law, and how are they inter-related?
  • While researching a legal issue for your supervising attorney, you stumble across a brand new decision that appears to pertain to your research assignment. The ruling court just ruled on the case yesterday and posted the decision on the Internet hours later. What must you keep in mind about decisions posted on the Internet so soon after a ruling?
  • What is the relationship between common law, precedent, and stare decisis? Please provide a recent example of the relationship between the three concepts.
  • What is the difference between procedural and substantive law? Please provide examples.

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