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As an individual, write a three-page paper on your MNC. Please cite sources in tables, and in text. You may include any charts, graphs, visuals you like. Use grammar and spell check please.

Read the 2017 CEOs Letter to the Shareholders (historic and forward-looking view of the company) and its Statement of Risks (10-K). Listen to the latest Analyst’s Call by the CFO. You have as a group researched about the company as a MNC from which you can draw information.

Your paper will discuss the following theme: What are the major opportunities and challenges your MNC faces over the next three years? What is keeping the CEO and Board awake at night? Focus on three key areas. Consider where it operates, how it does business, how it hedges its commodity, interest rate and exchange rate risks (financially and operationally) and its financial condition. Consider how its business is impacted by:

  1. Brexit (Does your firm operate in the UK?)
  2. Tariffs imposed by the US (Does your company sell or use aluminum, steel, or other products subject to proposed?)
  3. Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (Did they announce increasing employee wages, hiring new employees, or even giving the repatriated money to shareholders?)

Include in your paper an introduction that conveys your major thesis and story.

Your viewpoint for the paper can be : What the investor needs to know about _________(your MNC)-an international perspective

Next have background paragraph that discusses the company’s global business (product and geographic mix and competitors). In the analysis section, include what the CEO says are its opportunities and challenges as a firm, and the key highlights of what is said in the risks section. Discuss its financial condition here. Write a separate paragraph on each question regarding Brexit, Tariffs and Tax Cuts. Conclude with your recommendations of what the company can do to address these challenges.

Use 1-inch margins, double spaced, Roman font,12 pt. That means about 250 words per page, 750 – 1000 words total. Aim for 7 well-written paragraphs. Cite all sources and have a reference page at the end.

To answer these questions, please search the topics online.

For example, here is a link to an article on tariffs


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